Antoine Dodson Calls Out Tyler Perry Over Allegedly Not Being Paid For ‘A Madea Christmas’ Cameo: ‘F*cking Snakes’

Antoine Dodson, Tyler Perry

Antoine Dodson Calls Out Tyler Perry Over Allegedly Not Being Paid For ‘A Madea Christmas’ Cameo: ‘F*cking Snakes’

OG internet sensation Antoine Dodson has a bone to pick with Tyler Perry.

The entertainer recently expressed his frustration with the media titan, accusing Perry of failing to pay up for a previous movie appearance.

Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson, most famously known for his viral “hide ya kids hide ya wives” interview back in 2010, spoke about the situation on his TikTok recently. The 37-year-old was showing his support for comedian Mo’Nique amid her criticism of Hollywood execs such as Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, and came forward telling his own experience with the Madea franchise creator. He stated:

“I have a problem with a few people she mentions just as well…I worked with Tyler Perry too back in the day on Madea’s Christmas. I had a cameo…and for one, I had to find my way…I was coming from Alabama to Atlanta so I had to find my way to get on set…I didn’t get paid for that.”


The truth is coming out #monique #antoinedodson we’re tired of the shyts

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He continued:

“Tyler Perry or Tyler Perry Studios, they cannot prove that they paid me because they did not.”

Dodson went on to state that he didn’t fight for compensation at the time because people around him convinced him it’d be a good move for his career. The actor says he was told working for “the great Tyler Perry” would ultimately help launch him to stardom. According to Dodson, however, that never came to fruition. He added:

“Well that didn’t happen and I didn’t get paid so now what?…A lot of y’all do a lot of sh*t. The same people that Mo’Nique talking about…can’t take accountability…can’t apologize…cause y’all too are f*cking snakes.”

Tyler Perry

If you recall, Mo’Nique recently aired out her own issues with Perry during her conversation on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay. The Oscar winner accused the famed filmmaker of lying about her being difficult to work with and costing her future gigs. She even shared a phone conversation she and her husband had with Perry that appeared to show him admitting to starting the damaging rumor.

It seems Dodson now too is admitting to feeling that Perry is untrustworthy. Despite allegedly never being paid for his role in the 2013 film, he did receive an IMDB credit for the appearance. The internet personality landed another gig after his cameo in the Madea film, but ultimately it seems his career didn’t kick off like he hoped.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson