Tyrese Donates $6K To Families In Need & $100K To His Church Home


Tyrese Donates $6K To Families In Need & Over $100K To His Church Home

Tyrese seems to be in the spirit of giving!

R&B singer/actor Tyrese, 43, announced this past weekend that he is making a generous donation of $6,000 to a total of 60 families and an offering of $111,000 to his church.


The announcement comes after Tyrese laid his father, Reggie Andrews, to rest over the weekend. Reggie Andrews was a song-writer and beloved music educator who mentored future stars including Tyrese, full name Tyrese Gibson. Tyrese said in the absence of his biological father, Reggie Andrews is his father. According to Tyrese, he learned the act of giving from him. Reggie Andrews was 74 at the time of his death.

Following the funeral, the “Fast and Furious” actor took to Instagram to invite those in need to his local church. Tyrese called for anyone experiencing depression or addiction that lives in the Atlanta area to come to his church home Relentless Church. He noted that whoever shows up will receive a blessing for accepting his invitation. According to churchgoers, the entertainer kept his word and gifted multiple families with $100 gift cards (totaling $6,000). They also revealed he gifted the church 111,000.


Shortly after Tyrese’s act of kindness, the “Baby Boy” actor seemingly appears to be in better spirits. He shared on Instagram a one-minute and a half clip of himself enjoying the moment and dancing to a song that “makes [him] feel good.” In a lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese wrote:

“You wanna piss the devil off? Shake off depression and dance over your trauma’s

I feel happy when I give……. Today I donated 6,000 to try and give in anyway I could to 60 families….

And God also put it on my HEART to tithe and give an offering of [111,011] to my church @relentlessatlanta

It’s a brand new church that was just recently opened [ RELENTLESS CHURCH 2nd campus ] and as you can
imagine if the senior pastor is dealing with an unexpected health crisis the attendance has went down just a little this is when we are supposed to look to the left and right and be the GAP!! Hold that wall up at the Hoover dam and level let it break….. Services for me and everyone in attendance
has been so powerful, inspiring and uplifting I believe that’s why God put it on my heart to move……
I was obedient and moved….

I often thank God for having people to speak GOOD on my
name in rooms that’s I’m not in physically myself…

I’ve also made so many mistakes growing up on a global
public stage and so it is clear that Jesus is not a resource he’s my SOURCE…. So sowing into the KINGDOM is a no
brainer when I wouldn’t be where I am in my life, career and mental health without KING JESUS keeping me
afloat….. Amen!!!! Amen!!!!!!!!!

Rest Pastor John Gray REST!!!!
We are very much so still praying that God keeps his hands
on you and your family…

The devil tried, it’s clear that’s there more WORK TO BE
DONE via you in the KINGDOM BUSINESS….

@realjohngray rest my brother REST!!!! Jesus name AMEM!!!!!! 111.”

As previously reported, Tyrese’s mother, Priscialla Murray Gibson, died earlier this year after losing her battle with pneumonia and COVID-19.

Tyrese & his mother

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely