Chris Brown Rumored To Have Purchased All The Seats At Quavo’s Concert So That It’d Be Empty

Quavo, Chris Brown

Chris Brown Rumored To Have Purchased All The Seats At Quavo’s Concert So That It’d Be Empty

Looks like Chris Brown may be using more subtle tactics to take shots at his music rival Quavo.

Social media users have been speculating that the singer took their beef to a new level, buying out all the seats at the Migos member’s recent concert so that it would appear empty.

Quavo, Chris Brown

Rumors surrounding Chris Brown’s alleged involvement in Quavo’s low concert attendance hit the internet over the weekend. The Atlanta native was performing at a show in Connecticut when one concert goer shared video footage online, seemingly showing the venue was desolate and accusing the “Warm Embrace” singer of having something to do with it.

After some social media users questioned the validity of the poster’s claims, others began sharing their photos, seemingly validating that attendance at the show was indeed scarce.


One image appeared to show Quavo on stage in front of guests that appear to be less than a couple hundred.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Chris Brown and Quavo have been engaged in a rap beef in recent weeks, that saw Quavo mention Brown’s violent past with women and Brown claiming people wished Quavo had passed instead of his nephew Takeoff.


Additionally, Brown also claimed to have had sexual relations with Quavo’s ex Saweetie while the two were still in a relationship.

Though Quavo opted not to respond anymore in the music, it seems Brown may have not been finished. At this time, rumors about whether or not he was actually involved remain unconfirmed. It does not appear that Brown nor Quavo have commented on the matter publicly.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson