Jeezy Claims Jeannie Mai Wants To ‘Destroy’ His ‘Name And Reputation’ w/Abuse Allegations Because He Didn’t Want Another Child

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

Jeezy Claims Jeannie Mai Wants To ‘Destroy’ His ‘Name And Reputation’ w/Abuse Allegations Because He Didn’t Want Another Child

Rap star Jeezy is defending himself against domestic abuse accusations from his soon to be ex-wife Jeannie Mai.

The musician maintains that he was never violent with the TV personality and questioned why she would want another child with him if he was allegedly abusive.

As we recently covered, Jeannie Mai accused Jeezy, real name Jay Wayne Jenkins, of being violent with her on at least one occasion during one of their recent divorce hearings. In response, the South Carolina native vehemently denied the accusations and argued in a recent court motion that his ex was never afraid of him nor held against her will, and actually wanted to have another child with him.

Jeezy, Jeannie Mai

In the court filing, Jeezy reportedly shared text messages showing Jeannie Mai’s efforts to procreate with him again in order to cast doubt over her abuse allegations. Essentially, he was posing the question of why Jeannie would be eager to have more children with him if she was truly a victim of abuse. In several images obtained from the filing, the former host of The Real updated the rapper with her ovulation cycle, writing in one message:

“Welp. Tomorrow is when my eggs do what they do so u got one job capn” [target emoji]

Jeezy further claimed in the motion that Jeannie allegedly started consultations for IVF treatments after he initially sparked divorce conversations with her, and says she spent thousands in an attempt to conceive medically. However, Jeezy claims that he repeatedly told Jeannie that he wasn’t interested in having any more children, which he says fueled her anger towards him.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy

Accusing his ex of attempting to tarnish his brand because he no long wants to be with her, Jeezy wrote in the court document:

“The claims by [Jeannie] are entirely fabricated and staged in an intentional effort to destroy the [rapper’s] name, brand, and reputation because this divorce action was filed.”

The former couple, who share 2-year-old daughter Monaco, have been going back and forth at one another since Jeezy first filed for divorce back in September of last year. It has not been reported that Jeannie has responded to her ex’s latest response in court nor in the public at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson