‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Phor Captured In Bizarre Footage Being Walked Like A Dog, Social Media Reacts: ‘Keep That Sh*t In The House’

‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Phor Captured In Bizarre Footage Being Walked Like A Dog, Social Media Reacts: ‘Keep That Sh*t In The House’

Reality star Phor Brumfield, formerly of “Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” is making headlines once again after being spotted in Miami Beach being walked on a leash by a woman.

In an Instagram video, the 37-year-old can be seen crossing a street on all fours, simulating the behavior of a dog. The post is captioned:

“I can’t even Live my life… smh”

The video appears to have been recorded by a third party, with a man heard behind the camera saying:

“Yo, what the f*** is going on? Only in Miami bro, you see some s*** like this.”

Phor Brumfield’s post has prompted social media users to question the current status of the former reality star/tattoo artist.

One Instagram user commented,

“Keep that s*** in the house it’s kids out there”

Another Instagram user shared,

“What happened to him man??? He used to be the best one on black ink before this weird s***”

See more reactions below:


This latest incident adds more controversy to Phor Brumfield’s name as it’s known that the reality TV star has delved into adult entertainment, such as the launch of an OnlyFans page showcasing explicit content.

The behavior depicted in the video and some of his other content might be classified as “femdom,” a subset of BDSM where the female partner takes on the dominant role, while the male partner is submissive.

Similarly, Phor posted a photo of himself locked in a dog cage last year (August 2023), sparking intense reactions from social media users and media outlets.

When the image garnered negative attention, Nina Austin, the mother of Phor’s son, expressed her disapproval:

“I don’t condone it. I’m dealing with it first-hand before anybody. I’m not gonna say that I haven’t entertained certain actions or participated in certain actions– cuz I have, but y’all didn’t see it.”

Addressing the criticisms of his adult content, Phor took to Instagram to defend himself, stating:

“Anybody who knows me– knows that Phor don’t bother nobody … Now that I’m at a place where I’m good, and I’m getting my mind right, and I’m doing what I wanna do outside of tattooing and music and TV shows … I’m just doing me, I’m just living my life.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan