Charlamagne Recalls Diddy Getting Wendy Williams Fired From Hot 97 In ’98 After Suggestions About His Sexuality

Diddy, Wendy Williams, Charlamagne

Charlamagne Recalls Diddy Getting Wendy Williams Fired From Hot 97 In ’98 After Suggestions About His Sexuality

Charlamagne Tha God recently claimed that Diddy was responsible for Wendy Williams’ firing from Hot 97 in 1998 due to her suggestions about his sexuality.

The 45-year-old media personality appeared on comedian Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast to discuss the history between media icon Wendy Williams and disgraced record executive Diddy, stating,

“Wendy’s whole thing was Diddy was gay. That’s why Wendy got fired from Hot 97. Wendy got fired from Hot 97 by Diddy, ’cause that’s when Bad Boy was smoking hot. She got fired for putting that out there.”

Wendy Williams’ firing from Hot 97 reportedly occurred after she not only suggested that the hip hop mogul was homosexual but allegedly had a photo of Diddy in an intimate situation with another man.

Gene Deal, Diddy’s former bodyguard, corroborated this story in a 2022 interview with The Art of Dialogue. He explained,

“The power [Diddy] had with the radio stations in New York — motherf*ck*rs didn’t breathe hard if [Diddy] didn’t want them to. [Diddy] got one of the hottest DJs off Hot 97 because she wanted to put up a picture of him getting his pants pulled down.”

Gene Deal further elaborated that during a gathering in Cancun back in the ’90s, Diddy and his friends engaged in playful antics, including pranks. At one point, a colleague pulled down Diddy’s trunks from behind, prompting onlookers to capture the moment in photos and email them to Wendy Williams.

In her 2004 book The Wendy Williams Experience, Wendy Williams also shared her feelings about Diddy. She mentioned that the businessman had tried to ruin her career. Williams emphasized the challenges she faced because of him, stating,

“The hell he put me through, I will never forget. But I don’t hate him.”

Wendy Williams

This all comes amid a wave of accusations and lawsuits alleging sexual abuse and misconduct, with some involving interactions with men.

In February, producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones filed a lawsuit in New York against Diddy, alleging he was “subjected to unwanted advances by associates of Diddy at his direction” and was coerced into engaging with sex workers hired by the rapper. Rodney Jones’ lawsuit includes widely covered allegations that Diddy hosted “sex-trafficking parties” involving underage women and illegal drugs.

Diddy’s attorney refuted these claims, informing media outlets that the lawsuit contains:

“reckless name-dropping about events that are pure fiction.”

More recently, federal agents obtained video footage showing a male sex worker inside one of Diddy’s residences, which were recently searched, according to a source from CNN. This individual, who reportedly claims victimization by Diddy, has been questioned during the investigation, with a grand jury hearing likely to follow.

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan