Update: Young Thug’s Lawyer Brian Steel Granted Emergency Bond, Does Not Have To Report To Jail This Weekend

Update: Young Thug’s Lawyer Brian Steel Granted Bond, Does Not Have To Report To Jail This Weekend

Update #3 (June 13, 2024): Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel has been granted his request for emergency bond. The Georgia Supreme Court granted his motion, meaning he will not have to report to jail this weekend.

He was previously ordered to report to jail by 7 p.m. tomorrow (Friday, June 13).

Ashleigh Merchant, a member of Brian Steel’s legal team, said he is relieved over the outcome.

“We are thrilled that Brian will be home with his family for Father’s Day this weekend. We appreciate how quickly and thoughtfully our appellate courts handled this unfortunate situation.”

Update#2: (June 12, 2024): In addition to fighting for Young Thug, Attorney Brian Steel is actively working to have his own jail sentence suspended.

As we covered, the legal professional was held in contempt of court on Monday (June 10) by Judge Ural Glanville after refusing to reveal how he was made aware of a private conversation between the judge, prosecutors and one of the state’s witnesses. According to Steel, the ex parte meeting that occurred in the judge’s chambers without anyone from Young Thug’s legal team present is grounds for a mistrial.

However, the judge felt differently, claiming nothing wrong took place, he sentenced Steel to 10 weekends behind bars (no more than 20 days) for not sharing his source. His wife immediately filed an appeal and, according to court documents obtained by journalist Meghann Cuniff, it has been transferred to Georgia’s Supreme Court.

A final verdict on the matter has not been given yet.

Update#1: (June 11, 2024): Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel’s weekends will be booked for a while.

According to reports, On Monday (June 10) the judge presiding over Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial sentenced the rapper’s attorney to no more than 20 days behind bars. The legal professional has to report to the Fulton County Jail every weekend for the next 10 weekends. The sentencing came after Steel refused to reveal how he learned an ex parte conversation occurred yesterday morning between Judge Ural Glanville, prosecutors and one of the state’s witnesses, Kenneth “Lil’ Woody” Copeland.

Steel argued he should have been present for the private meeting and pushed for a mistrial. However, Judge Glanville said there was nothing unlawful about the chat and Steel would be held in contempt of court until he revealed his source.

However, upon his request, the judge said he was not against Steel spending his jail weekends with Young Thug to work on the case. Steel’s wife, Collette Steel, has already filed a notice of appeal.


Original Story: (June 10, 2024): Brian Steel is standing ten toes down behind his client.

On Monday (June 10) Young Thug’s crazy racketeering trial got even crazier when the judge presiding over the case held the rapper’s attorney — Brian Steel — in contempt after he refused to reveal how he was made aware of a private conversation.

Reportedly, before court kicked off today, Judge Ural Glanville, prosecutors and one of the state’s witnesses had a chat in the judge’s chambers. Making his issue with the private discussion known, Brian Steel asked for a mistrial and said,

“You’re not supposed to have communication with a witness who’s been sworn.”

The witness — Kenneth “Lil’ Woody” Copeland — spent the weekend behind bars after he invoked his Fifth Amendment right and refused to testify on Friday (June 7), despite being given immunity. Copeland took the stand again this morning while wearing a jail uniform and (somewhat) answered questions from prosecutors.

Young Thug

However, according to Steel, prosecutor Simone Hylton told Copeland during the separate meeting if he didn’t testify he’d remain in jail until all 26 defendants’ cases end, regardless of how long that might take.

Steel claimed,

“How about the witness, how about Mr. Copeland, who supposedly announced that he’s not testifying and he’ll sit for two years and, supposedly this honorable court, or let me rephrase that, this court, said I can hold you until the end of this trial.”

And added,

“If that’s true what this is is coercion, witness intimidation, ex parte communications that we have a constitutional right to be present for.”

After refusing to reveal how he was made aware of the private conversation, Judge Ural Glanville ordered Steel to be taken into custody.

Before leaving the courtroom, Steel noted that Young Thug didn’t wish to continue without him and asked again for a mistrial. According to the judge, Steel obtained his information “in a way that was not lawful.” However, Judge Ural Glanville eventually allowed the attorney to return to the courtroom, warning him he was still being held in contempt but he could,

“purge that contempt by just telling me who it is that told you this information. That’s all I need to know.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel