Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar ‘The King Of The West’

Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar

Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar ‘The King Of The West Coast’ For Unifying Rival Gangs During Juneteenth Pop Out Concert

Hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg  is sharing his thoughts about Kendrick Lamar’s impactful Ken & Friends Pop Out concert.

The California native showered his fellow rapper with admiration, declaring that Kendrick Lamar has officially earned the title “King of the West Coast.”

Kendrick Lamar

Snoop Dogg gave his two cents on the matter in a video uploaded to his Instagram page earlier today (Friday, June 20th). Commending Kendrick Lamar for gathering a slew of notable West Coast musicians and entertainers for the event, including hip-hop vet Dr. Dre, YG, ScHoolboy Q, Ab Soul, as well as NBA star Russell Westbrook and several gang members from various rival gangs, Snoop Dogg stated:

“That was beautiful. That was fun to watch. Beautiful to see all of my peoples come together.” 

He continued,

“K. Dot, you are the King of the West. That’s the kinda s**t kings do. We unite.” 

Though he didn’t explicitly state his reason for being absent from the event, which took place this past Juneteenth (Wednesday, June 19th), Snoop Dogg began the video by stating that he’s in Canada at the moment. As you may know, he isn’t the only person of status that has risen their regard for Kendrick Lamar following the culture shifting concert. Media personality Charlamagne Tha God also gave the “They Not Like Us” artist his flowers, calling Lamar the “King of Hip-Hop” in his review of the performance.

He stated:

“Kendrick set the tone…He let us know that this was a victory lap, and he came there to blood and crip-walk on his enemy’s head-top. And to me, the show wasn’t about Drake as much it was about Kendrick Lamar becoming the undisputed heavyweight champion of hip-hop.”

He added:

“Like, when it comes to this new generation we’ve been watching over the last 15 years, Kendrick is the king of hip-hop, and it’s not even close. And I’m not talking about charts, I’m not talking about streaming records, I’m not talking about, you know, pop songs, singing on songs. I’m talking about bars, rap, hip-hop, culture. Kendrick wears that crown, and it’s not even close.”

Lamar himself also spoke about what the moment meant to him personally. Acknowledging the the murder’s of legendary West Coast rappers such as Tupac Shakur and Nipsey Hussle, Lamar stated during the show:

“This is unity at its finest…We done lost a lot of homies to this music s**t, to some street s**t. For all of us to be on this stage, together … unity from each side of L.A., Crips, Bloods, Pirus. This s**t is is special man. We put this s**t together just for y’all.” 

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Authored by: Kay Johnson