Gunna Fan Rushes Stage & Gets Tackled By Security During ‘Fukumean’ Performance

Gunna Fan Rushes Stage & Gets Tackled By Security During ‘Fukumean’ Performance

Rapper Gunna paused his performance of fukumean to engage with a fan who rushed the stage at a recent concert.

In viral footage from last week’s concert in Poland, a fan made his way onto the stage, narrowly avoiding security.

However, they were soon tackled by security personnel and escorted away.

The alarming incident prompted Gunna, 31, to briefly pause the music. As he watched the fan being removed, Gunna remarked,

“Come back! Come back! You gotta do it the right way.”

Gunna then resumed the song, prompting enthusiastic cheers from the crowd as the fan danced alongside him on the stage.

It’s no surprise that fans get excited when Gunna’s fukumean plays. It’s been a standout track, marking his return to the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 since his release from jail in December 2022.

The song’s music video has garnered 26 million views on YouTube and achieved RIAA-certified platinum status earlier this year.

‘fukumean’ Music Video

Gunna’s recent accomplishments follow a challenging period marked by his involvement in the Young Thug/YSL RICO trial, where he spent seven months in Fulton County Jail before opting for an Alford plea.

This decision stirred controversy and accusations, but Gunna has maintained his loyalty to Young Thug and YSL.

young slime life, young thug and gunna

Gunna, Young Thug

Reflecting on his current status, he previously affirmed to Spotify’s RapCaviar,

“I’m still signed to YSL. I’m still providing. We still pushing. No paperwork has been changed. So it’s like, whatever’s been getting and how we’ve been pushing this s***, it’s still going.”

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Authored by: Aaron Keenan