(EXCLUSIVE) Kirk Frost’s Alleged Baby Mama: He told me he was leaving his wife, Rasheeda.

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New Details About Kirk Frost’s Alleged Baby Mama

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports new details have surfaced about Jasmine Washington, the woman who claims to have had a child with Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, Kirk Frost. Sources tell us that Kirk’s wife and LHHA cast member, Rasheeda, was completely blind-sided about the news.

She had no idea. She actually found out through sources on the show.

(EXCLUSIVE) Kirk Frost's Alleged Baby Mama: He told me he was leaving his wife, Rasheeda.

Jasmine Washington

Rasheeda nor Jasmine have not met each other, but plan to do so in front of the VH1 cameras.

The plan is to have them meet for the first time, on the [LHHA] show.

(EXCLUSIVE) Kirk Frost's Alleged Baby Mama: He told me he was leaving his wife, Rasheeda.

Kirk Frost, Rasheeda

Sources also tell us that Kirk was NOT listed on the birth certificate and that the father was left blank intentionally. We also hear that while Jasmine and Kirk were in a relationship, Kirk often told her that he was ending his marriage/relationship with Rasheeda.

Kirk kept telling her that he was leaving Rasheeda. Jasmine really believed him.

(EXCLUSIVE) Kirk Frost's Alleged Baby Mama: He told me he was leaving his wife, Rasheeda.

As previously reported, Jasmine claims that she fathered a son last year, named Kannon Mekhi Washington, with Kirk. Their alleged son is now 6 months old. Reportedly, Kirk stopped providing financial assistance after their split last October. She has taken him to court for child support.

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  • KingLeona

    Smh…poor everybody.

  • ShelbyMoore

    This bitch is disgusting and needs her ass beat. I hate bitches that sleep with married men. SMMFH

    • Terassha Hall

      you may not like her choice but Kirk was not raped…Kirk is a known dirt bag and we all have watched Kirk make a mockery of his marriage for years..Rasheeda should have been gone…this is not surprising nor unexpected..

      • Hila Roberts

        You are correct. I will not confront another woman about my husband. Divorce Court.

        • Tinna Blue

          RS! So many women is upset with the side chic. But, this man cheated on his wife on national television. He has absolutely no respect for Rasheeda, and clearly Rasheeda has no respect for herself.

    • Mika

      Why are women always soooo upset with the other woman, and absolving the man of his ill behavior—he’s the one in the “so-called” committed relationship. I notice it works the other way too, if the woman is the cheater, she gets ridiculed, not the man she was creeping with. Women please wake up, and stop being a simpleton.

      • ladyelle

        What you say is logical but it’s also a problem if this woman knowingly engage her self in a situation like this. The man will get what’s coming but their disrespectful low self esteem face will get an earful as well. Trust. That crap needs to stop. No type of sisterhood these days.

        • Mika

          Women have way more power than they realize, and I do agree there needs be more sisterhood amongst us; however, it’s sad when women are holding the “other woman” to some standard they’re not holding their man to.

        • Tinna Blue

          But Kirk constantly told her he was leaving his wife, like so many other married men do. The side chic has no loyalty to you. Yo husband owes you loyalty, not the side chic.

    • Rarechild93

      It takes two to tango. How do you feel about the man that willingly creeps on his wife? Just curious. Yes its wrong but isnt he just as guilty if not worse?

    • Tinna Blue

      She’s disgusting? What about Kirk and his lies? If you’re going to be disgusted, be disgusted at all 3….especially Rasheeda cause her dumb ass will still be with him.

    • Lisa Slade


  • Bobbie

    This is the second time on national tv that kirk has made his wife look crazy!! She should not give him a third!!! Let his sorry but go!

    • ladyelle


  • sunni_daze

    I can’t feel bad for a woman that willingly slept with a married man. I can’t feel bad for a man that ruins his marriage and I can’t feel bad for a woman who stay with her cheating husband.
    But in real life Rasheeda need to sic some lil ratchets on her for sac of loud and a couple of outfits

  • Crissy Prettygurlorr

    Silly Rabbit husbands never leave their wives *Try Again*

  • Tinna Blue

    This fool cheated on national television, so this doesn’t surprise me. My only issue is everyone blaming the side chic, and no one is blaming Kirk pathetic ass.

  • Lisa Slade


  • Joni Bravo

    Why meet on the show? Meet in private like normal ppl! Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame!

  • Epinionated

    Im tired of reading these stupid ass comments talking about “Why are women always mad at the side chick?” and “kirk is a known dirt bag so…” “kirk said he was leaving rasheeda”. First of all being mad at a b*tch sleeping with n having kids by known married men and being mad at said married man is not mutually exclusive. You can and should be upset with both. Second, what kind of excuse is “he’s a known dirt bag?” If he so known to b a dirt bag wtf she want to get pregnant for? n he telling u he’s leaving his wife which means HE HASNT LEFT YET. Bish u already wrong if ur conversations with ur bf or bd include mentions of his wife. The side chick is a dumb dirt bag that lets a known dirt bag go raw plus u know he has a wife. There is no excuse, if u get fucked up then u deserve it period.

  • Im1brownsuga

    This gurl is just as guilty as kirk they are both wrong. She allowed kirk to feed her some lies. Alot of us woman dont pay attention to the signs of a so call man who messes up for the REAL MEN. We as woman need to do our homework and some serious soul searchin befor we make a decision in what we are goin to do. I know i didn’t take the steps that needed to be taken before moving forward. I sure learned my lesson and another thing most important if God who is not in your relationship IT WONT WORK. GOD SAID SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. MATTHEW 6:33. WE CANT BEAT GOD IN NOTHING. MIGHT AS WELL JOIN HIM.

  • Save our Country

    See life is funny what goes around comes around that same side chick and him will find somebody they loved any they get it back.They will feel her pain. It take two there both creeps. Its calledl Karma. He will be back she cant wear her shoes.

  • Chasity Bishop

    This is the same jasmine chick that Kirk met at the bar that he wanted to be the nanny wow this man is a piece of shit after rasheeda was willing to forgive u for all the other shit u have done to her…..

  • Dee Star

    Bottem line she knew he was married it’s not like she had no clue like come on now an now you didn’t just have sex with him yo ass got pregnant an waited 3 months to spread the news she a messy bitch that wanted a check a. Kirk man idk wat to say to do your wife like that that’s the most disrespectful disgusting crap u could ever do that’s not wassup at all.. that’s a low blow an karma is a bitch

  • Tracey Harris

    Kirk and the side chick are disgusting. He knows he’s married and so does she.