Rodney King Stays in Some Sh*t, Pulled Over by Cops (Again) + The 20 Years Anniversary of Rodeny King Beating

Not his fault, but Rodney King just can’t get right. According to TMZ, Rodney King received a driving citation for driving without a license (who does that?). 45 year-old King became well known from a very publicized Los Angeles police brutality case in 1991. Anywaydoe, guess how he got pulled over? Y’all cousin was driving his green Mitsubishi recklessly, made an unsafe lane change and someone called the cops on his a**.  When he was pulled over, he admitted that he had been driving with an expired license. He was cited for not having a license and called a friend to drive him home.

Meanwhile, it’s the twenty year anniversary of the infamous Rodney King incident. CNN’s Don Lemon talks to King and other people involved and re-lives the historical moment.Peep the footage.