Evelyn Lozada, “I’m not pregnant…Me & Chad Are Still Together.”

Basketball Wives reality star, Evelyn Lozada, returned to Twitter on Friday, after taking a few days off. She cleared the air on current rumors surrounding her ovaries, relationship status and “bloggers.” She tweeted:

***RUMORS TO CLEAR UP*** I am not pregnant people and me and @ochocinco are still together! STOP BELIEVING THE LIES “THIS” BLOG POSTS!! OH 1 MORE RUMOR TO CLEAR UP ME & @terrellowens NEVER dated before/during my relationship with @ochocinco People are sick & karma is a bitch! It’s sick & pathetic that u make money trying to hurt people’s lives by posting bullshit! I will not sit back & tolerate it!! I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve ever done! I keep it 100 at all times! If any of those rumors were true, then hey so be it! LIES LIES LIES! People say “oh u don’t need to explain yourself” but if I don’t idiots will believe the crap they read on this site! #ItsOnLikeDonkeyKong