Stacy Francis Says Sorry for Whitney Houston Altercation, Days Before Her Death

Just days before Whitney Houston passed, she and X-Factor star Stacy Francis got into a light altercation at Hollywood’s Tru club, at Kelly Price’s Pre-Grammy party. So what REALLY happened between the two? I was actually at this event and afterward, everyone was talking about the alleged fight. Here’s what went down… Houston got upset with Stacy, when she saw Ray J and her having a conversation. Houston apparently was un-pleased with their interaction and a small altercation occurred, where they got into each other’s faces, blah, blah, blah. (P.S. Ray J did try to diffuse the situation). Fast forward to the present day and Stacy hopped on Twitter to express her regret for the incident and share her condolences.

She tweeted:

I’m unsure if the two were able to make amends before Houston passed.