Cissy Houston Says : “That’s Incest!” & Is Pissed at Bobbi Kristina & Adopted Brother’s Relationship

As most of you know, a romantic relationship seems to be growing between 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina and her 22-year-old adopted ‘God brother’, Nick Gordon. For years, Whitney Houston considered Nick her adopted son and Bobbi Kristina considered her a brother, of some sort, although they are not related by blood.

Recently, news surfaced that since Whitney’s death, a romantic relationship between Nick and Bobbi Kristina has ensued. What’s more is that Bobbi Kristina’s grandmother, Cissy Houston, is none-too-pleased and feels that Nick is taking advantage of Bobbi Kristina. Reportedly, she told a close friend:

“What they’re doing is incestuous.”

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina has been on twitter, retweeting followers who support the relationship that she and Gordon have.