Cissy Houston Writing Her Own Version Of Whitney’s Life Story, Rumors of Tell-All Deal

It has become apparent that quite a few people believe they know Whitney Houston’s story well enough to tell it to the public. Already, there have been rumors of a biopic produced by Clive Davis; news of a tell-all book written by Bobby Brown; and a book deal signing for BeBe Winans, who’s currently writing a story titled, “The Whitney I Knew.” So, I guess Mama Cissy Houston thinks it’s only right for her to release her own version of Whitney’s story. The 78-year-old gospel singer has reportedly embarked on a book deal with some publishers in New York. NYTimes sources admitted that they met with Cissy at the St. Regis Hotel in NYC to talk about a deal and direction for the book. According to them, Cissy claims she will be writing — well, actually having her ghostwriter write — the

“real and definitive story of [Whitney]… It’s going to be the bad, it’s going to be the good. There are so many lies out there and I want to dispel all of those lies”

Sources from the meeting also revealed some details on how much Cissy could get paid for this venture. They estimate a seven-figure price if Cissy is willing to tell the real truth about Whitney’s relationship and drug issues (although I wouldn’t be surprised if Mama Cissy decided to leave some of those details out…). The book deal is still just in the works, but if it does go through would you read Cissy’s version of Whitney’s life story or do you think her version would be too watered down?


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