[Exclusive] My Mother’s Day Interview With My Mama :)

Everyone thinks that their mother, or the their auntie or their grandmother is the greatest mother in the world. And I’m no different. So this year, for Mother’s Day, I decided to ask my mom a few quick questions about motherhood. Peep my interview with her :)

What does motherhood mean to you?

It’s is all about loving, sharing and struggling to nurture what you have given birth to.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about motherhood, that was the most difficult for you to accept?

Trusting what you have instilled in through the years and letting go as your child matures

What’s the biggest thing that mother’s sacrifice, while raising their child?

Her time….it belongs to her child.

What advice would you give single mothers?

Invest only the best into your child. Teach and instruct with love regardless of your schedule.

What’s the biggest disservice a mother can do to her child?

Trying to do it all for your child. When you do it all for your child you have just robbed creativity and the development of problem solving skills.

In one one word, describe your journey as a mom.

My journey of a mom is like a sunrise.

[Editor’s note, Ma, I asked for one word!]
If tomorrow, you discovered that I was pregnant (and I’m not Ma, calm down), what advice would you give me?

Feed yourself with the aroma of positiveness.

What’s your most memorable Mother’s Day Gift?

A card my daughter made in class of her own hands.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mother or whomever stepped in the name of dope motherhood!