Nicki Minaj Defends Kesha Nichols, Says She’s Saddened by ‘Basketball Wives’

Nicki Minaj is a fan of VH1’s popular Basketball Wives show, but she isn’t a fan of bullying. And according to Nicki, Monday night’s episode, that involved an altercation with Kesha Nichols and Tami Roman, was what she considers ‘bullying.’ How do we know? After the episode, she tweeted:

And then, she RT’ed, Kesha’s blog post about bullying.

Here’s an excerpt of Kesha’s post about bullying:

It has been difficult for me to decide what to include in this blog entry.  As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in Episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand.  I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better.

Read the full blog post here. P.S. Are you surprised that Nicki took a stance on this? And should other celebrities weigh-in on this or is it simply not that serious?