Meeka Claxton Says No One Defended Her When Tami Roman Punched & Bullied Her Last Season

Meeka Claxton, who was featured on the last season of Basketball Wives has a bone to pick with some of the reality show’s supporters and media outlets. As you know, this season, some viewers became enraged when they saw what they felt was Tami Roman bullying her cast mate, Kesha Nichols. And a former cast mate, Meeka Claxton, wants to know why no one came to her defense when a similar incident happened to her last season. Meeka took to her blog to voice her displeasure, writing:

Am I mad? No, more like I’m disappointed. When I was attacked everyone thought it was funny.  No one thought her actions were disgraceful. As a matter of fact the very same ladies (for lack of a better word) that are “hurt” by the backlash,  joked about me being attacked. They laughed and even called me names for taking a stand against her.

I thought pressing charges was wack?  Oooooh, I get it…it’s wack when it’s not you!

They all (except Royce) stood behind her, co-signing her actions.  But now you want everyone to believe you want balance?  As much as their hypocrisy bothers me, I expect it because now their actions threaten their money.  So, I knew the crocodile tears weren’t far behind.

What really hurts me are all of the talk show hosts and journalists that are suddenly disturbed by what they are seeing.  Taking stands, boycotting, signing petitions etc…Isn’t this what I contacted all of you about last year? I asked for your support, none of which I received. But now it’s a problem? So, it was ok for me to be physically assaulted?  Where was all of this “Call To Action” last year? Am I less of a human being?

And on twitter, Meeka also specifically clarifies who’s speaking to in her blog.

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Does Meeka have a point? Should the media and the show’s viewers reacted just as strongly this season as when the incident occurred between Meeka and Tami? [J.A.S.J.]