Sherri Shepard Files A Police Report For Tweeter Threatening Rape & Bullying

The View host Sherri Shepard has had to take the law into her own hands and call for back up after someone in the twitterverse took their own views to the extreme with volatile and life threating messages to the host. The twitter account that goes by the name ‘DaCloneKiller’ apparently started to send hate messages to Shepard after she voiced her opinion on the physical appearance of Lil Kim (reading DaCloneKiller’s timeline you can see that he is a die hard fan of the Queen Bee). It all started with this one tweet:

Shepard recognized the tweet replying:

Although a rep for Shepard confirmed that the situation is being dealt with by stating,

“Law enforcement is involved as well as corporate legal and security departments. This matter is being taken very seriously,”

Sherri still gave the account a piece of her mind continuing:

What are your thoughts on Sherri filing a police report? Did she go over-board? Or should people be accountable for threatening someone, even if some view it as “stanning”?

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India Renee