Thug Life :: Lil’ Scrappy Opens Up About Being Raised By A Pimp Mother

If you recall, on the premiere episode of “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta”, it was revealed that the mother of Lil’ Scrappy (Mama D) used to be a pimp. Scrappy sat down with Sway Calloway on “Rap Fix Live” and gave us some insight on how it was growing up with a pimp for a mother. Peep the excerpts:

On what it was like growing up on “that avenue”:

“Put it like this: I done sat there and watched my mama ‘cuz a little chick she had working for her or whatever done tried to get ghost on her and go off with an old pimp she had. Mama caught her slippin’ in traffic, and bust her over the head with a crowbar. The crowbar stuck in her head and she’s just sitting there shaking, I’m like ‘wow’.”

On how much he was exposed to his mom’s work:

“I had to sleep in the room with mom dukes and my little sister ‘cuz all the whores were using the room to do their thing. But at the end of the day, mom took care of home. Me and my sister ain’t have to hurt for nothing.”

On if there was any moral conflict:

“Nah. I mean, some people like my granny, rest in peace, she died like a couple months ago, she ain’t like it. The whole family didn’t like it…But when a woman gotta do what a man gotta do, and she actually go through it, get through it, do a little time here and there, and still be there in the end like she is now; And she poppin’. I told my mama you don’t ever gotta do that no more.”

What are your thoughts on Lil’ Scrappy’s upbringing?


Patrice M.