[Video] Tamia Hill Explains Why She Doesn’t Want to Be Labeled A ‘Basketball Wive’

Singer Tamia has been pretty vocal about her being classified as a ‘Basketball Wife’. Though she’s married to NBA baller Grant Hill, she doesn’t want to be labeled as a basketball wife–or at least the type that we see on reality TV. In a recent interview, she briefly chatted about being a basketball wife and if she could relate to any of the ladies on the reality show, ‘Basketball Wives’. Check out the interview:

[youtube width=”550″ height=”360″]http://youtu.be/9cKp_lxpYqo[/youtube]

In other Tamia news, she recently released a video to her single “Beautiful Surprise.” The video featured a cute cameo by her hubby. Check it out.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”360″]http://youtu.be/c7ONkx-0tJ0[/youtube]

[Hip Hollywood]

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