LHHA’s Lil Scrappy Responds To Allegations That He Doesn’t Pay Child Support

On Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, there was a heated exchange between Lil Scrappy and the mother of his child, Erica Dixon. Scrappy asked Erica if she would take him off of child support. And Erica responded:

“I’m not going to take you off child support because when I’ve asked you to do things for Imani in the past, you haven’t done it.”

Apparently, at some point the two had an agreement about their child support arrangement, that viewers of the show were not privy to. After the show aired, Scrappy took to twitter to explains his side of the ‘child support’ story. He wrote:

1rst off we had an agreement so I dnt have them folks n my business not cus I wasn’t takin care of them but belee wut u want…Man just for that lying an actin on#LHHATL again I’m def gne drop the bomb on the reunion about this I dne took always took care of mine dne…Aint nobody walkinn out squeeky baby an I can’t wait til yall knw ,yean gne slander me like I aint been the one providing goin digi #LHHATL

Erica, taking note to Scrappy’s tweets, responded:

I’m happy and I want you to be happy too @reallilscrappy, I wish you much success and happiness

If you watched the latest episode, what do you think? Is there more to this story? Or should Scrappy flat out pay child support through the court system?