LHHA Lil Scrappy Responds To ‘Dead-Beat-Dad’ Claims

On the last episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, some would say that it was implied that Scrappy doesn’t take care of the daughter that he has with cast-mate Erica Dixon, as much as he should. After Monday’s episode aired, some commented that perhaps Scrappy was a dead beat father to their child. Welp, Scrappy is none too pleased at his ex-girlfriend or the way the episode was edited. He took to twitter to explain, writing:

To all the haters clogging up my time line,yall dnt knw sh*t about me an my kids I take care of her an her mom since b4 the tv show that uc An also thank u God for these haters that watch my life like a ring announcer like they knw wut it is bless them bustaz..An then I wonder if yall gone b talkin different after the #reunion cus I’m pullen out proof ya dig an imma show yall da real #WitYoFace*ss An yall wonder y me an her aint together cus od sh*t like this aint even got on here n kept it G cus she knw an at the #reunion yall gne knw…Aint even tellen yall that I dne took care of her since forever but its coo paper work dnt lie but tv do…Any man or female that take care of their kids n somebody try an act as if it diff or they workin all hard cus u aint their ur gne b pissed..U knw wut I love her tho imma let God deal wit her n yall,hell an me for all that an RIP GRANNY Pat I love u

Meanwhile, Erica has remained mum about their child support issue. Grammar aside, what do you think of Scrappy’s explanation?