NeYo Hits The Breakfast Club, Explains Why He Gave Beyonce Writing Credits

Tuesday morning, Ne-Yo (real name Shaffer Chimere Smith) stopped by Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ chatting about why he turned down a popular movie role, giving (or losing) writing credits to stars like Beyonce and what Trey Songz is lacking. Peep a few excerpts below.

On rumors that he turned down playing Dr. Martin Luther King because he’d be forced to lose and gain weight:

It wasn’t so much about the weight. Thats a role for an actor, actor.

On the release date of his new album:

New album is coming very, very soon. It’s not right, yet.

On if he’s turned more to pop music, leaving his R&B roots:

The first record that I put out was ‘Lazy Love’. I can never abandon R&B. If you listen to my pop music, there’s still some soul in there. The soul in my voice comes from my R&B background.

On if artists have stolen writing credits:

That’s happened before. When I write a song for an artist, I want them to take that song.

On if Beyonce should have received writing credits for “Irreplaceable”:

When you hear me sing it, and hear her sing it, it’s two damn totally different songs. So yeah I gave her writing credits. The suject matter was the same. She added the Beycone twist on it.

On if he’s impressed with R&B right now or inspired:

No. Not at all. I feel like there’s an emotional disconnect in R&B right now. You hear ’em singing about love, but you don’t believe ’em. It’s too oversexed right now.

On how he feels about Trey Songz in R&B:

Iv’e talked to Trey before. Trey’s one of them dudes that could be a serious problem if he decided to put that emotion in there. Just the emotional disconnect is there.

Watch the full interview below.