Spike Lee Hits The Breakfast Club, Addresses Tyler Perry Feud + Why Denzel Got Robbed

Wednesday morning, Spike Lee hit up Power 105’s ‘The Breakfast Club’, to promote his upcoming film ‘Red Hook Summer’. In addition to movie talk, Spike talked about Tyler Perry, why Hollywood won’t finance his films, if he pays for court-side Knicks tickets and his feelings on the ‘Nets. Peep a few excerpts below.

On if he financed ‘Red Hook Summer’ himself:

Yeah, I wrote the check.

On if he’s mad that Hollywood won’t fiance his projects:

I’m not mad, it’s there money, but I just found it strange, one thing Hollywood does is makes sequels.

On if he and Tyler Perry have spoken since their public verbal feud:

We don’t speak. I don’t ever see him. He does his thing, I do my thing–it’s all good.

On if he ever wants Tyler Perry to do another type of film, other than Madea based stories:

Tyler is a grown man and he does what he wants to do. And he has the power to do anything that he wants to do.

On if he’d attend the Academy Awards, if ‘Red Hook Summer was nominated:

We all know Denzel should’ve won for Malcolm X.

On if he pays for his Knicks game tickets:

Tickets went up, my man. I pay for my tickets. Full price. People think I work for the Garden, I don’t.

On if Knicks fans can expect a championship:

Carmelo is killin’ at the Olympics. I hope that he carries that over to this season. It’s been too long.

Watch the full interview below.