Toya Wright Responds To K. Michelle Calling Her Husband A Woman Beater

Toya Wright has finally made a public statement to Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s K. Michelle. As you probably already know, K. Michelle has made some strong allegations against her ex-boyfriend who is now Toya Wright’s husband, Memphitz. K. Michelle continues to stand by her story that Memphitz physically abused her and threatened to kill her son. From what we’re told, Toya hasn’t made any public statements about the allegations until now. Here is what she said (sic), during an Atlanta
bloggers brunch.

“I promised myself that I wasn’t gonna talk about that because she’s so irrelevant to me, but I’m gonna say this: The picture she’s painting of my husband is not my husband. I’ve been knowing him for six years, I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse. If somebody abuse you like that, where is the proof, where is the police report, where is the pictures, where is the messages that you said he sent threats to your kid and threatened to kill your child?…It don’t matter about love, you would be in jail if you threaten my kid…And she’s saying that I said all this stuff about her, pull it up, where is it? I never said anything about that situation, never addressed it…Memphitz father died years ago in Memphis. He comes from a family where it was always his mother and his father so he’s like a loving person, he’s very affectionate. Anybody that knows him for real just be like ‘what is wrong with this girl?’ And the crazy part about it is everybody say that you crazy and you hit them. You the abuser. I just wish that she would stop saying my name. I got a gag order that I just got. Pump your music up. You was given a platform, I was given a platform, I was here to tell my story. I been through a lot of things with my ex, yall don’t know about that. I’m not here to bash him, I’m not a hater. But please stop talking about me and my husband and my family and only promote your music and do what you gotta do on the show. God gave you a platform, use it.”

Watch her full statement below.

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Was it necessary to Toya to respond? And whose version do you believe?

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