[Video] LHHA’s Benzino Says Karlie Redd Has Talent + Explains Why He Gave Her A Key

Thursday morning, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino (the former Source founder), stopped by the Breakfast Club to discuss doing reality TV, his relationship with Karlie Redd, Joseline’s gender and some more entertaining topics. Peep a few excerpts below.

On how he ended up on the show:

I never went to get casted or nothing, I kinda just fell into it. Me and Stevie been friends for like 10 years. He had already went to the casting. I went on the show orirignally to give him some advice (in the car). Next thing you know I had met Karlie. Then I got a call from Mona to see if I wanted to be on camera.

On how his relationship with Karlie Redd, seemed to move so fast on camera:

We had met off camera, we went out. The next thing you know…everything happened so fast. We was filming for three months.

On how long it had been before he gave Karlie Redd a key to his home:

Before she got the key, it would had been two months.

On if he believes that Karlie Redd is really talented:

She does that patwa really good; she has a voice. A lot of singers out here are auto-tuned up. I think definitely producers can work with her. I believe she has talent.

On if he feels Karlie using him to further her career:

She’s real, real motivated about her career. A lot of women are. It’s not easy dating celebrities.

If he and Karlie Redd are still together:

We definitely had a relationship. From what you seen, that was real. I would do that [help their career] definitely with anyone that I was involved with.

On Stevie J’s personality:

Stevie is a funny guy. Puff was a big influence on Stevie’s life.

On Stevie J’s creepy looks:

What you see on camera, is Stevie J.

On if Joseline is really a woman:

Nah, Joseline’s hot. She’s all woman. She’s just really built, her upper body. A lot of guys would see Joseline and definitely smash.

On Benzion’s old, negative reputation:

I can take a lot of responsibility for my actions in the past. I’m trying to [make amends] right now. The Eminem situation is just different. It woudl be good for us to just sit down and meet. I’d be open to it. I understand he’s a great influence on the culture. At the time, I was just caught up.

On how The Source magazine failed:

The print game is coming back. It was a rough patch. When The Source failed, it was because of a bad loan deal. Took out a big loan from a bank, $9 million 20% interest rate. When me and Dave lost The Source, we lost everything. Hip Hop weekly is outselling The Source now.

On who assisted him getting Hip-Hop Weekly back on its feet:

The one person that come to our aid was Lisa Raye. She married Michael, she was caked up. She was really like one of the only ones.

On why he insists on taking camera phone bathroom shots:

I love that. That’s my MO. The bathroom picture bandit.

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