Ginuwine’s Daughter Calls Him A Deadbeat Dad, Blasts Him On Twitter

Yikes. There’s an interesting story floating around alleging that singer Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, stage name ‘Ginuwine’ (don’t front like you don’t remember that appealing baby hair) is a dead beat father, to his teenage daughter, Tiffany. Just a backstory on Ginuwine’s family, reportedly, he has a total of 8 children. He’s married to former rapper Sole and they have two daughters together. His teenage daughter Tiffany, is from a previous relationship. This week, Tiffany took to twitter to put her famous father on full blast:

Super special s/o to my mommy and father she the greatest she took care of us when n*ggas was actin clueless and I will be forecast greatful ppl don’t get moms like mine but I got her and will never let her go or THROW HER UNDER THE BUS DON’T FORGET THAT @ginuwine2012 my mother is the muthaph*ckin best yet!

She continued, tweeting one of her followers:

If that’s not enough, Lip Stick Alley has some alleged text message conversations that Tiffany released between her and her father.

This is pure speculation and there’s been no response from Ginuwine’s camp. Hopefully, it’s not true–but stay tuned.