Will Oprah Snag Evelyn Lozada for Her ‘Next Chapter’?

Everyone and their mama has an opinion, a strong one at that, about the alleged domestic dispute between Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson (Ochocinco). Sports commentators have weighed in, fans (from each side) and celebrities have provided their two cents on who was right or wrong in their highly publicized relationship. At this point (and it’s too soon), neither side has told their story. And over drinks and my laptop, I pondered who would land Evelyn’s first interview. Better yet, who should? The first person that came to mind, was Oprah’s “Next Chapter” segment. Now before you get to rollin’ your eyes and telling me to have a virtual seat, hear me out. To date, Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter’ series has grown tremendously in viewers. She stuck her baby-toe in the reality world, when she did the Kardashian family plus she’s got Rihanna lined up, along with Gabby Douglas. She’s also tryna nail Laury Hill down.

Not to mention, we hear that prior to the break-up of her marriage to Ochocinco, Evelyn had an epiphany of sorts (meeting with Iyanla Vanzant), ending her beef with Star Jones, penning an open letter to her younger self, etc. To date, there’s been no rumors about an interview in the works (not even a hint from Lady O herself). But what do YOU think? Should Oprah sit down with Evelyn for her side or is that a terrible idea?