[Video] Erykah Badu Denies Dissing Nicki Minaj : I adore her

One quick playful line by Erykah Badu, referencing Nicki Minaj, has started an alleged female beef of sorts. And Erkyah Badu wants us all to know that she has no beef w/ Nicki. What the hell am I talkin’ about? At Badu’s recent Afro Punk concert in Brooklyn, she did her own spin on ‘Beez in the Trap’. While performing the song, Badu tells the crowd:

“B*tch you don’t beez in no trap.”

Here’s a clip of Badu’s show. Fast forward to the 4:05 mark and you’ll peep the line.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/nXVfxadWzhw[/youtube]

After the ‘net started buzzin’ that Badu was taking a real shot at Minaj, she (Badu) cleared the air on twitter, writing:

Quit playin!!! I adore Nicky M. She’s ILLy original. Fearless. I put that on two anks.

Welp, there ya have it.