Reality Star Somaya Reece Talks New Book, Music & How She Got Skinny

Love & Hip-Hop’s Somaya Reece is proving not only to be a reality star and rapper/singer, but from what we hear, she’s expanding her celebrity wings into the writing game, along with debuting a new killer shape. We recently caught up with Somaya while supporting her reality friends Chrissy and Emily B at the launch of their leather jacket line, Cisum Couture. She gave us the inside scoop on her business and life, away from the reality cameras.

A little birdie told us that you have a new book in the works:

I’m currently writing a cook book right now to teach real women how to lose weight the healthy way and not have their food taste like a stick. The biggest thing is being a celebrity, we know a lot of secrets, but there is no real secret to losing weight and I just want to teach real women that have children, is a student, real women—how they can do it as well, because simple things can make a difference. Some people don’t like to run, so you can walk. A simple 30 to 1 hour walk, is better than no walk at all. So my cook book is just a real girl’s approach to losing weight.

You’ve lost a lot of weight since we saw you on the last season of Love & Hip Hop. Do you have any weight loss tips?

My book will definitely be available next year. It takes time to write it, I’m not having anyone ghost write it, I’m using my own personal healthy recipes. So I wanted to make sure that I was practicing it myself so that its authentic. Everything is authentic, you can go to my website, I post weekly recipes, weekly videos I’m doing a new video, a 30-day challenge, and its a personal challenge, its juicing raw foods, vitamins, and things that actually taste good but some of it is discipline.

Tell us a little about your single, ‘Party with the World’:

‘Party with the World’ is my English single and that song is the main television placement for Bad Girls Club season 9. The music has really been very good to me, in spite of what a lot of people may have seen.

So, what’s up next?

I am excited to have my first song, charting on Top 40 in Latin America and I just signed a new television deal to work on some new TV stuff. I’m all about the positive TV, I’ve grown alot, its really about being healthy, separating from the drama, and making sure the drama is always something that is organic versus manufactured.

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-Keeyah Johnson