Quincy Jones Attends Court, Gives Testimony to Settle Beef Between Rich Friends

Quincy Jones is a legend who has produced hit songs that have spanned decades, but recently he’s been involved in some court drama. The 79-year-old music mogul took the stand of a trial between his two good friends Joe Francis the creator of “Girls Gone Wild” and Steve Wynn, the head of two major Vegas casinos. Caught between two friends, Sir Jones denied telling Francis that Wynn threatened to kill him and bury his body in the desert. Jones claimed to have played mediator in a gambling loss dispute in which Francis owed Wynn $2 million. Jones explained:

‘I was trying to just make peace. If you lose the money, you pay the money. That’s ridiculous.’

Quincy Jones was one of the final witnesses to testify in the three day trial. Closing arguments will take place Friday.