Basketball Wives Gloria Govan & Matt Barnes Talk Love & Marriage

By now, most of us have heard the rumors–allegedly, NBA baller Matt Barnes and Basketball Wives LA’s  Gloria Govan secretly jumped the broom in Sin City. Well, the happy couple recently did an interview and photoshoot with Rolling Out Magazine  (prior to their alleged Las Vegas wedding) where they discussed how their break-up actually brought them closer. To give you a back story, we were first introduced to the duo when Basketball Wives LA first premiered in 2011. We’ve watched the two go from a happy and engagaed couple with two beautiful twins, to having domestic violence issues and finally breaking up (at least twice, since doing reality TV). At the time of the interview, Gloria made it seems like they weren’t planning a wedding but hell, who knows. Peep a few excerpts:

[Gloria] On time away from Matt: 

I grew so much over those eight months. Now I have to be like, ‘Uh uh, I know I used to like that because you liked it but I said all that to be cute for you! I don’t like eggs mother—!’ So now he’s really getting to now me. That’s fun.

[Gloria] On wedding plans: 

It’s not that we’re not interested, it’s just not now I don’t think it’ll be what people are expecting. I’ll probably be like ‘hey, I got married girl,’ wanna come to the party? I’ll probably send out a flyer for the party.

[Gloria] On what their wedding will look like: 

Matt’s a traditionalist so he’ll want a big wedding. Which I would do [for him], but it won’t be like a Kim Kardashian wedding. It’ll be like, ‘you want some barbecue?’ I’ll take cereal. Marriage is something I want to do it’s just not on my number one priority list.

[Gloria] On having more children (the couple currently have twin boys): 

Maybe, don’t tell him I said this…maybe another baby. If it was up to him…I get baby fever and then I see a baby and I’m like ‘awww’ and then they start crying and I’m like, ‘Yeah! I don’t want anymore!’

I think it’s possible this wedding was totally impromptu and something they had been considering but decided to go for it. Hopefully some wedding photos will surface soon!