Jay-Z Kills Ovary Rumors, Says Beyonce Is ‘Absolutely Not Pregnant’

Last weekend, rumors began swirling that Beyonce and Jay-Z were expecting baby #2. What triggered the rumor? Jay and Bey were spotted out on date night (at La Marina). Momma Bey was wearing a form fitting dress that showed off some curves and some suggest that she had a slight bump situation, shown. Fast forward to the present day and Jay-Z updated the world, via a short red carpet interview (at the 40/40 Club), that the couple is not expecting. When asked if Beyonce was expecting, he told an E! correspondent

“Tonight? No.”

The reporter then asked:

“What about in nine months?”

And Jay responded:

“Not in nine months. Absolutely not.”

When prodded a bit more, in true Jay fashion, he said:

“No. Not in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight or nine months.”

There ya have it! Blue Ivy remains an only child…for now. P.S. Do we believe him?