Bobbi Kristina Pops Slick On Wendy Williams, Calls Her ‘Raggedy’ + Vents on Love Life

Subliminal tweets don't lie…or at least we don't think so. For the past few weeks, folks have been buzzing about Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon (a serious car accident last week and rumors that Cissy Houston is concerned about BK's inheritance)

Why can't you understand YOUR WHO I LOVE AND WANT !!…#BlindLove is a wreck. " Baby "? Like c'mon I've ONLY been with you … THAT'S ITTTTT ! .. Frustrating when your accused, not believed in && Reality:ilove#ONLYYOU Situation ;; f*cked up. Lol. ( takes deep breath ) just breath . And everyone who's assuming they know who I'm talking about .. Please know enforce you go assuming some sh*t k ? Thanks for that fav fool.

Then she tweeted a photo of her and Nick, writing:

I miss it.

And if venting about her boyfriend Nick isn't enough, she also vented about the media having not-so-nice things to say about her. Specifically, she took a few shots at Wendy Williams. She wrote:

Ps TRUST ImNOTworriedNORthinkin abt  && all her accusations . Lol I laugh at clowns. I . Expect nothinless…Haters … Wow . Lmao gotta love em though . Ether way , bad or good , you STILL are FOREVER thinking abt what I'm doin. (;

What's triggered her Wendy Williams comment? It may have something to do with Wendy reporting the story on her show about Cissy Houston or the long feuding history that Wendy had with Whitney (when she was live). Nonetheless, I'd be interested to see if Wendy respons on her show today. Stay tuned.