[Interview] Who Is Ariane Davis? LHHA’s ‘Voice of Reason’ Talks Mermaids, Reality TV & Rumors

Everyone has one–a close girlfriend, a voice of reason that often gives you advice (sometimes unsolicited) about your love life and relationships. Ariane Davis was introduced to us on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, as Mimi Faust's best friend. In our latest edition of 'Cocktails or Coffee w/ the Jasmine Brand' (we toasted off camera), we chatted with Ariane about her role on the show, where her relationship currently stands with Mimi, rumors that she has a budding singing career and the buzz about her being a real-life mermaid at T.I.'s party. Peep a few excerpts: 

On if she was accurately portrayed on the show:

Yes.  I didnt do anything to not portray myself in anyway. I stayed in control.

On if she's upset at all with Mimi about her relationship (past or present) with Stevie J:

I understand her wanting to be cordial and wanting to be cool because he's the father ofher child.

On her relationship status: 

I am so happy. I have somebody very special.

On keeping her private life under wraps:  

I like my private life and I feel like the minute I air anything about that it'll take focus away from other things Im trying to do.

On negative reactions, when photos circulated of her in a 'Mermaid' custome: 

I thought it was beautiful. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. 

On rumors that she's planning on launching a singing career: 

Theres plenty to come.

Watch the full interview below. 

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/KM6mljzrq1Q[/youtube]