[Watch] Nelly Grants First Interview, Since Bus Thug Life, ‘Everything just happened so fast…’

Rapper Nelly has conducted his first interview, since the news hit that his tour bus was pulled over Texas. According to reports, weed, heroine, and a loaded gun were found on the tour bus, which allegedly belonged to Brian Keith Jones, a close friend of Nelly. The rapper appeared on V-103's The Kenny Burns Show, speaking on the incident. Peep a few excerpts: 

On what went down that night:

“Let me tell you this. Certain stuff we can say, certain stuff we can’t say as far as what’s going on…Let’s just say I got pulled over, things were noticed as far as canine ability, and things kinda went from there."

On who the stuff belonged to:

“It wasn’t just an employee of mine, it was family. Be that as it may, I am mad at the situation but still my heart goes out to him because this is a situation that he has to deal with and his family and all that. In that sense alone, it’s kinda hard to just turn your back on somebody and all that, but I’m pissed.

Watch the full interview below, and peep Ashanti in the background.

[vimeo width=”579″ height=”422″]http://vimeo.com/51375393[/vimeo]

Patrice M.