Frank Ocean Pens Another Open Letter: Talks Falling In Love Again, Dreams & Oreos

The last time that 24-year-old Frank Ocean (real name Christopher Breaux) penned an open letter, it stired tons of controversy. Released on his personal web site, people pegged it his 'coming out of the closet declaration'. In short, he released a transparent journal of sorts, saying that in fact he had been intimate with another man. Fast forward to the present day and we (fans, media, spectators) have moved on from that — some of us care, some of us don't, most of us could care less. Wednesay afternoon, Ocean penned another letter. This time, his stream of consciousness includes love, day dreaming, aspirations, studio time with Jay-Z and Pharrell (who in his eyes looks like he's 19-years-young–I happen to agree, but who asked me), and other 'stuff' that I'll need to re-read a few times to 'get' (sorta kinda). I get the feeling he's telling us a story or lyrics to a song–anywho, check it out below.