[Video] Drake Surprises Students, Performs at Howard Homecoming ‘Yard Fest’ + Students Injured During Set

Drizzy Drake shocked Howard University students, when he took the stage at their annual homecoming ‘Yard Fest’. The new high school graduate, hopped on stage during 2 Chainz set (performing ‘No Life’) and the crowd went insane-literally*. Drake performed about five songs, before exiting stage left.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/P6dLyeKv5bc[/youtube]

* During Drake’s performance there were some issues with crowd control. We saw what occurred firsthand. The media gates/barricades were inadvertently pushed forward when folks got amped about Drake’s appearance. The barricades where we/media were positioned were knocked down. Drake kept performing, but briefly had to stop for the police and security to try and control the crowd. A few people left in ambulances, while some were behind the stage being helped by paramedics. The set continued and all seemed to be well. Here’s a photo that captures the beginning of the incident.