[Video] Did Barbara Walters Attack Pat & Cissy Houston On ‘The View’?

In full promo mode for their new Lifetime reality show (Houston’s: On Our Own), part of the Houston (Pat, Pat’s daughter and Cissy) family visited ‘The View’. The co-hosts all watched two episodes of the show (before the show), so the majority of the interview surrounded around the family’s new reality show. While watching the segment, we noticed, along with some of the folk on social media, that the conversation seemed a bit tense–especially between Barbara Walters and Cissy and Pat Houston. In short, Barbara questioned if they felt it was appropriate or too soon for Bobbi Kristina to be on reality TV.

Peep a few excerpts from their conversation:

Pat Houston, on if it was too soon for Bobbi Kristina to be on reality TV:

Actually he’s been around since he was 16.

Pat Houston, on rumors that Bobbi Kristina’s rumored engagement to Nick Gordon:

It’s a friendship, they started off as friends. Sometimes. They’re young…she’s 19-years-old, she’s 23. She’s still a teen, she’s still a child.

Pat Houston, of if Bobbi Kristina would have been better without doing a reality TV:

The show technically isn’t just about Bobbi Kristina. A reality series or not, cameras have been following her since she was born. She’s not isolated by any means. The name just changed. I’m talking about a reality show that was filmed two years ago called ‘Power Brokers’. Bobbi Kristina was on that show, and so was my daughter. It centers on all of us. Even the crew being around, has been great for Kristina.

Cissy Houston, on how she feels about being followed by cameras:

Not very good. Miss Cissy is not too happy about that. I’m a part of the family and I am supporting my children. You know anything about me, you can’t make me do anything.

Pat Houston, on if Bobby Brown will be on the show:

He’s not on the show, but that’s the father, so he is definitatley mentioned.

And here are two clips from the segments.

Part 1:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/YgPk17r7Blw[/youtube]

Part 2:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/6jIcnEQfIiA[/youtube]

My question for you is, do you feel that Barbara’s line of questioning was inappropriate and went too far? Or were her questions and delivery totally warranted and on target? P.S. Y’all gon’ watch with me on twitter tonight? ;)