64-Year-Old Man Commits Suicide, Blames Obama’s Re-Election for His Death

This is extremely disturbing and sad news. The Miami Times reports that a 64- year-old (mentally ill) man has committed suicide, because of the re-election of President Barack Obama. The site reports:

A tanning salon owner in Key West who increasingly blamed his personal struggles on President Obama warned his partner that “I’m not going to be around long” if the president won reelection last week. Two days after the president’s victory over Mitt Romney, Keys police found Henry Hamilton dead of a drug overdose, the words “F*ck Obama” scrawled on his will. Hamilton, who was 64 years old, had increasingly struggled with his mental health and his tanning business, Tropical Tan, reports the Key West Citizen this morning. “(He) was very upset about the election results,” his partner, Michael Cossey, told police.

Police are investigating the death but say they suspect no foul play. Click here to read the full story.