Three Times A Charm, Another Elmo Voice Accuser Comes Forward

Yet another man has come forward against Kevin Clash, the former voice of Elmo. Within the past two weeks, two young men have come forward, saying that they had sexual relations with Clash when they were minors. Kevin Clash has since resigned after the allegations from Sheldon Stephens and Cecil Singleton. Yesterday, a third, unnamed man came out with allegations involving sexual relations with Clash. The 29-year-old man does not want his name released, but according to him, he met Clash in a chat room when he was 16 years old, and Clash went under the alias “Craig.” The two chatted for a few days and Clash invited him to his apartment where they engaged in “some sexual activity.” They met again occasionally, and he discovered who Clash was after some visits to his apartment. Attorney, Jeff Herman, gave a recount of the discovery:

“He saw Elmo dolls, an Emmy award and photographs of Elmo with movie stars.”

With now three men making accusations against Kevin Clash, has it moved your opinion in any way about the case?


Patrice M.