[Audio] The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy Confesses Marital Issues With Wife, On Air

If you’re an avid listener of popular NYC radio show, ‘The Breakfast Club’, by now you’ve heard some interesting relationship gossip about one of the popular co-hosts of Power 105. On Friday morning, ish became all types of real, when DJ Envy got personal and told listeners that his relationship with his wife (of over 18 years) was on the rocks. DJ Envy (real name RaShaun Casey) and his wife Gia Casey, are high school sweethearts, who have children two children together (Madison and Logan) and one on the way (Gia is expecting).

So what’s the big deal? In short, one of the show’s co-hosts, out-spoken Charlamagne the God, gave Envy his daily title of ‘Donkey of the Day’ because his attitude and work had been suffering on air. Envy confessed that the real reason why his behavior had changed, was because he and his wife were having marital problems. He then went into great detail as to how he is completely at fault and desperately wants Gia back. At one point, the show even calls Gia on air. I won’t ruin it any further…check it out.

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/cwpMfF2VTcY[/youtube]

If you’re married, what are your thoughts on Envy’s apology? And if you’re single I’m REALLY interested on your thoughts? Did Envy sound genuine or is this a typical “baby, please take me back until the next time” scenario that will probably happen again? 

Photo: Tattle Tailz, Madame Noire

[Kenisha M.]