“I wasn’t ARRESTED!” Shawty Lo Explains Being in Handcuffs

It appears a bunch of assumptions about 36-year-old rapper Shawty Lo (real name Carlos Walker) garnered even MORE negative attention about the almost-reality star. If you’ve been following our coverage, then you’d remember that the rapper had a pending reality show called “All My Baby Mamas” tentatively to air on the Oxygen network. To our knowledge, the show has since been cancelled due to a petition and an overall negative response from the public. Fast forward to the present day and Shawty Lo was back in the news recently, when a photo of him in handcuffs hit the net. Various blog sites reported that the rapper was arrested, but we’ve now learned that he was only shooting a music video for a song called “Petition,” where he is in handcuffs in one scene. His publicist Kali Bowyer spoke on the allegations:

“Not one of those blogs fact checked with me… And failing to pay child support just isn’t true!”

Here is the pic that started the rumors.

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Patrice M.