Chris Brown Takes A Drag Post Body Guard Rumors, FranK OceanTrips A Model + Khole & Rob Kardashian Trip-A-Referee Court Side

chris brown-throws body guard off plane in bermuda-c-the jasmine brand

Despite rumors that he’s axed his former body guard, Big Pat (allegedly, they had a disagreement in Bermuda, which resulted in him leaving him plane less in Bermuda), Chris Brown was all smiles and cigarette smoke. The 23-year-old was spotted leaving a LA studio.

chris brown-post throwing bodyguard off plane-b-the jasmine brand

chris brown-post throwing bodyguard off plane-a-the jasmine brand

Frank- Ocean- Valentino -Show-2013- the- jasmine-brand

R&B singer Frank Ocean was caught mugging the photogs, as he entered the Valentino Fashion Show.

Zoe-Salanda- Miu Miu- fashion-show-thejasmine-brand

Zoe Saldana posed with fans as she arrived at the Miu MIu fashion show.


Anna Wintour at the Chanel Fashion show.

Kardashians- Clipper-game-the-jasmine-brand

Meanwhile, Khole and Rob Kardasahian support Lamar Odom courtside, at the Clippers game.

Kardashians- Clipper-game-the-jasmine-brand (1)

Kardashians- Clipper-game-the-jasmine-brand (2)

Shemar Moore, who can’t keep his shirt on EVER (these days), was spotted cup cakin’ and enjoying the Miami Beach sunrays.

shemar moore-girlfriend-south beach-the jasmine brand

shemar moore-miami beach-with girlfriend 2013-the jasmine brand


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