[WATCH] ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Season 5 Episode 19

real housewives of atlanta-episode 19-the jasmine brand

Sunday night, BRAVO’s Real Housewives of Atlanta kicked-off, with a few story lines. Kandi had an emotional moment, as consultants for her adult toy line met for a conference (in her honor); Greg finally got the courage to propose to NeNe (AGAIN); Cynthia had a heart-to-heart with Kenya; Porscha went to counseling and opened up about having a miscarriage; and Phaedra and Kenya went booty-to-booty competing with their exercise videos.  In the middle of the show, I actually caught a few twitter jabs that Kenya threw Phaedra’s way, about her video. The Gone With the Wind Fabulous singer tweeted:

See who is serious about working out or serious about eating… Maybe a cookbook would have been more believable than a workout video #RHOA No matter how much hate @PhaedraParks throws my way about my booty, I’m a walking billboard I can’t fake that. #naturalbeauty #cantbuythat A big booty isn’t having a nice BODY. Take that jolly green giant superhero outfit off it just emphasizes all those belly rolls #RHOA

Ouch! Anywho, watch the full episode below.

[Mr World Premiere]