[INTERVIEW] Kelly Price Explains How She Taught Her Teenage Daughter That She Doesn’t Need A Weave To Be Beautiful + Why She Was Almost ‘Too Fat For Fame’

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As of last week, seven-time Grammy award nominee Kelly Price has officially joined the world of reality TV. With only one week week of TV One’s ‘R&B Divas LA‘ under her belt, we caught up with the 40-year-old songwriter (at the African Pride Beauty Beat event), picking her brain about why she made the leap into non-scripted TV, being plus sized in the music industry and now in Hollywood, along with teaching her daughter about loving her natural hair. We also got the Queens, NY native to give us some relationship advice (she’s been married to her handsome husband for 20 + years!). Check out a few excerpts from the interview below.

What her experience has been like thus far, filming ‘R&B Divas’:

You don’t know what reality TV is until you do it…and now I know what reality TV is! I’m not turned off by it. I have actually had an animal awakened in me, and so with that I am going to pursue it in a manner that only Kelly Price can. And that for me coming off of the ‘R&B Divas’ experience is to pursue reality TV with a Kelly Price twist and that would be ‘Too Fat For Fame.’

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The meaning behind the title of the upcoming reality show, ‘Too Fat For Fame’:

For me to have a story of one who was nearly denied a successful career because I was too big…it’s time for me to pay it forward.  Being an overweight girl, I am a worker. I’ve worked for everything it is that I have. So if there is anyone out there who is serious about having a career as a singer, as a model, as a dancer, as an actor, as an actress, as a personality in this industry…if they’re willing to work for it and they’ve had doors closed because they’re overweight, then this is the opportunity for them to have an opportunity.

How she is managing her weight:

I’ve had to learn how to adjust my eating to work for my lifestyle. I came to a point and I literally decided, I have been given an opportunity, there are people who are way more talented than Kelly. I’m not stupid. That’s just the truth. But I was given this opportunity so to let it pass me by, to die young and miss an incredible life because I couldn’t get myself disciplined enough to live would be stupid.

Raising her daughter to appreciate her hair:

Raising a young black girl in a society where they are being shown beauty is only one thing. It’s very difficult. To raise a young girl and to show her that anything is beautiful other than long, straight hair is not an easy job. I had a hard time trying to teach my daughter that ‘No you don’t need your hair pressed,’ and as she got older that ‘No you don’t need a weave…’ I think as black parents we have to be willing to fight the images that tell our daughters that unless that’s what they look like, they’re not beautiful.

Peep the entire interview below.

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