Whats the Big Deal! Rev. Al Sharpton Responds to Folk Saying His 35-Year-Old Girlfriend is Too Young

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When it comes to his personal life, Rev. Al Sharpton would like us (*raises hand*) to mind our personal business. Fortunately (for you) and unfortunately (for him) at times we can be a bit nosy. So what’s up w his personal life these days? Well, rumor has it, he’s dating his attractive personal stylist, Aisha McShaw. So what’s the big friggin’ deal? Well, baby boo is 35-years old. And this week folk were all up in a tizzy about the age difference and the fact that he’s been separated for nine years.

al sharpton-younger girlfriend-aisha mcshaw-the jasmine brand

He’s heard our concerns and in an interview with Rumor Fix via his publicist he stated:

I’m not announcing an engagement or a marriage. Don’t I have a right to date when my marriage has been over for a decade?

The new couple appeared together at his birthday celebration last October; and attended both President Obama’s holiday party in December and the black-tie White House Correspondents Dinner in April. When spotted out with him at the New York County Democratic Committee Award Ceremony this past Monday, Aisha quickly stated, 

I’m his girlfriend.

After a 24 year marriage, Sharpton and his wife Kathy Lee Jordan announced their separation in 2004, but according to a source close to the Reverend, they’ve never officially filed for divorce. Recently, Sharpton was spotted with Beyonce and Jay-Z at the Trayvon Martin rally in New York City. The MSNBC host will release his memoir, “The Rejected Stone” in October of this year.

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