[VIDEO] Evelyn Lozada Confirms Ochocinco’s Infidelities Triggered Domestic Violence Incident: ‘My Husband Of Three Weeks Is Buying Condoms!’

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Season five of VH1’s Basketball Wives is predicted to be one of the most emotional ones for its break-out star, Evelyn Lozada. While filming the most recent season, the highly publicized break-up between her and Chad Ochocinco Johnson, was caught for the world to see. The 37-year-old also lost her brother-in-law, Anthony, who walked her down the aisle, to cancer. During the first episode, both play out, while she emotionally cries to her mother:

It’s just like the timing is crazy. It’s like two of my best friends just gone. Which feels f––––d up. You know? Why is this happening to my life? That’s my brother and then he dies right after the incident with me and Chad … Words can’t even explain how dark I felt – like, this can’t be my life.

She continued:

Why is this happening to my life? Like that’s my brother and he like dies. Right after the incident with me and Chad. And it just–I can’t even; words can’t even explain how dark I felt.

Evelyn’s mother also expressed her shock and disappointment:

I know I’m in shock too. He became like my son in law. I lost one and ya know…Everything happened at the same time.

And while there were lots of tears during the episode, Evelyn does make it clear that she had every reason to be upset with Chad’s infidelity in their marriage. During her conversation, she gets specific in sharing what triggered their argument, the night her then husband abused her:

Some people can be like ‘Oh, it’s her fault.’ I think I had every reason to be pissed off that my husband of three weeks is buying condoms. I think I have every right, but he knows I was good to him.

Check out the clip below.

Basketball Wives premieres on VH1 on Aug. 19 at 8 p.m. ET.

basketball wives-season 5-emotional evelyn lozada-the jasmine brand

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