[AUDIO] Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank (TGT) Respond to Fantasia Blasting Them In Concert: ‘She Was Sold Lies!’

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Apparently, there’s been a battle brewing between Fantasia and the members of TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank). What happened? The quick and dirty is Fantasia and TGT did a show in Atlanta, at the same venue, but Fantasia wasn’t allotted enough time for sound check, before hitting the stage. During her set, ‘Tasia voiced her irritation with what happened behind the scenes, telling the crowd:

My background singers say they can’t hear. See here’s the problem ATL and you know I’m gone keep it real, real, real. Sometimes we do shows with people and they allow to get our sound checks. Sometimes they don’t. But that just only lets me know one thing…and I’m gone keep that to myself. So we are not haters. We like to perform with people. But sometimes they don’t like to perform with us.

According to reports, after her mini-rant and during the next song the background singers mics were cut altogether and Fantasia walked off the stage. Eek! Welp, TGT heard what went down and responded. In a recent interview with Power 99 Tank commented:

She recanted because it wasn’t true. She was sold lies and she realized that she jumped out there and messed up. Put your shoes on Fantasia. Stop playing. Feet all out.

Tyrese chimed explaining:

We’re secure. There is nothing that anybody can do before us or after us that could make us want to sabotage their moment and that’s the way it is. We’ve been in this game for a long time and if it’s your house that night then it’s your house, it ain’t that serious.

While Ginuwine commented:

We would never pull the plug on anybody.

Listen to the audio below:

tgt on fantasia

No response from ‘Tasia’s camp yet.

Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta